Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dr Budwid Protocol

Dr. Johanna Budwig[ Flaxseed Oil & Cottage Cheese (FOCC) program

Dr. Budwig, who is a six time Nobel Prize nominee, found out after 30 years of research that the blood of seriously ill patients was always deficient of certain important and essential ingredients like lipoproteins and phosphatides. The blood of normal healthy people has sufficient levels of these essential ingredients. Cancer cells literally grow wild without these ingredients.

A greenish-yellow substance was found in the blood analysis of cancer patients in place of healthy red oxygen carrying hemoglobin that is suppose to be there. That is why cancer patients often become anemic and weakened. She found out that this greenish-yellow substance were replaced with healthy red blood cells and the tumors gradually receded, when the natural ingredients were replaced over a three month period approximately. The symptoms of cancer, diabetes and liver dysfunction were alleviated.

If flaxseed oil & cottage cheese are eaten together then those essential ingredients in their bodies are replaced. but they have to be eaten together. In the 1950-s Dr.Johanna Budwig started a long research on the importance of essential fatty acids in the diet. Of course the German manufacturers of dietary fats were not happy with her research and tried to prevent her from publishing her findings. Dr. Budwing said that to extend th shelf life of their products, the manufacturers use chemical processes that make their food products harmful to the body.

The processing of chemical fats destroys the vital electron cloud within the fat. The fats can´t no longer bind with oxygen after the electrons are gone and they become harmful substance deposited within the body. Chemically processed fats end up damaging heart action, blocking circulation, inhibit cell renewal, and impede the free flow of blood and lymph fluids. If you want to learn more about this treatments and many others than click the link in the Resource box.


For KL/Selangor people who would like to buy organic cottage cheese can get it fromCold storage store at Bangsa. For Flexseed oil can easily get from any organic shop.

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